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"My mind is too busy to meditate" and other common obstacles to meditating. Learn what has helped others overcome obstacles and adopt a meditation practice.

The physical practice of yoga offers many people their first experiences of meditative states. As we rest in the breath or in sensation, our attention naturally turns inside.

In Yoga we withdraw our senses to rest in a core of Self. In Tantra we are aware that any moment—any emotion or sensory experience—can be a portal into expanded states of awareness.

A clear, awake awareness is the essence of mindfulness, and savoring the beauty, wonder, and deliciousness of life is a portal into presence.

When we become meditators, we discover a deeper dimension of experience that is often best expressed by poets and artists.

The sages of Yoga had a deep understanding of the power of language to create reality.


I am a lover of meditation. I believe in its power to heal us at a deep level and to make life sweet.

Meditation and Yoga at Work

Enjoy more presence and ease at work. Benefits include increased mental clarity, deep insights, and equanimity.

Yoga is Evenness of Mind

Yoga is a deeply transformative mind/body practice. Learn more about Yoga here.

Yoga for Healing

Privates are ideal for those dealing with osteoporosis, back pain, cancer, MS, depression, anxiety, and other issues.


Give your loved one a private meditation or yoga session.

Awareness Practice

Learn a practice for cultivating contentment and bliss.

Start or deepen your practice.