Start or deepen your practice.

"My mind is too busy to meditate" and other common obstacles to meditating. Learn what has helped others overcome obstacles and adopt a meditation practice.

The physical practice of yoga offers many people their first experiences of meditative states. As we rest in the breath or in sensation, our attention naturally turns inside.

2020 has been a very challenging year for most. Here is a simple practice from Thich Nhat Hanh for coping with the whirlwind of emotions.

There is something I've done spontaneously—and for a long time, unconsciously—that is the secret to meditation practice.

A sense of humor goes a long way when witnessing your own conditioned responses and pondering whether or not "Everything is rigged in your favor."

Why bring meditation into the workplace? What is mindfulness? What do you recommend for Type As? How do we overcome obstacles to adoption? And more....


I am a lover of meditation. I believe in its power to heal us at a deep level and to make life sweet.


Yoga delivers maximum benefit when practiced daily. In Private sessions, we design the ideal home practice for you.

Meditation and Yoga at Work

Enjoy more presence and ease at work. Benefits include increased mental clarity, deep insights, and equanimity.


In 2020, self-care is a priority. Yoga offers a potent tool kit for cultivating calmness.

Yoga is Evenness of Mind

There are many definitions of Yoga. Learn about the wisdom of Yoga and the pinnacle of the Yoga traditions, Tantra.

Awareness Practice

Yogis are aware of awareness. Learn a practice for cultivating contentment and bliss.