What I Love


In my original teacher training I was voted “most likely to be found on a beach in Mexico with a stack of texts.”


I’m drawn to beauty, delight in creativity and cherish authenticity.


I started practicing yoga when I was navigating a universal human experience – the loss of a loved one. In my first classes, I experienced yoga’s power to shift our mental and emotional state and to create deep feelings of well-being in body and mind.


Through the physical practice, I’ve healed my own therapeutic issues and through a deep, ongoing practice of meditation, I’ve re-connected with an underlying, ever-present current of contentment.


Recently, when walking on a New York City street, I had this thought: “What a wonderful life it will have been – to have shared the practices of meditation and yoga with so many different people.”


I love…

The diversity and vibrant pulse of New York City, the night flight to London, felt sense memories in the streets of Paris: the rubber smell that wafts up in a current of warm air from the grating over the metro and the smells of cafes that transport me back to my adolescence.


Art museums
Dance, film, music, poetry, theatre
The way Broadway sparkles at twilight
Tantra’s sublime philosophy and theory of aesthetics
Block Island and the rocky coast of New Hampshire and Maine
Small New England towns
Hibiscus, palm trees and bright, hot sun – in March
Beauty – in nature and in architecture
Curling up on the couch with a book and a cup of tea
Meditating and journaling; connecting with a flow of insights
This deep feeling of well-being in my body/mind
Sharing the practices that help us quiet the mind
Helping people not suffer and connect with their center – their contentment and intuition
The brightness in students’ eyes after class
Teaching group classes in thunderstorms or when the snow is falling
Capturing moments of beauty with my iPhone camera
In summer, the golden, early morning sunlight that floods my parquet floors and white bookshelves


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