Alice teaches meditation and Yoga to a diverse audience in New York City. She also offers meditation and yoga instruction via phone and Skype.


Alice’s gentle approach puts newcomers, experienced practitioners and those who are suffering at ease. She is committed to helping her students use the tools from Yoga’s vast tool kit – its active and restorative poses, breathing techniques, wisdom, meditation and self-inquiry practices – to increase their well-being and live the happiest, most creative lives possible.


Alice’s own exploration of Yoga – its potent wisdom traditions, physical practice and core of meditation – is deep and ongoing. She embraces meditation as her core practice and is skillful at inviting newcomers into meditative states.


Before becoming an instructor of meditation and Yoga (in 2008), Alice had careers in global banking and as a consultant to clients in banking, high tech and real estate. As a consultant, Alice developed global trade press programs that helped her clients’ customers navigate change in the ever-evolving global economy.


With experience in some of the most competitive corporate cultures on the planet, Alice is uniquely qualified to bring meditation and mindfulness into the workplace.


Alice’s intention is to help busy people in all walks of life discover and follow their bliss using strategies that are realistic, compassionate and fun.


A lover of the arts and New York City, Alice enjoys spending time on the seacoast of her native New England. She embraces the life-affirming view that everything is an opportunity for our expansion.

Alice is an intuitive, thoughtful and inspiring instructor of Yoga….

I’m not sure if it is because of her experience dealing with high pressure situations in the corporate world, or simply her natural grace and warmth, but Alice has a wonderful gift for creating and instilling a sense of calm.

– Liz, Former Columbia University Postdoctoral Fellow and Professor, Melbourne, Australia