I love wisdom traditions – the non-dual mystical core at the heart of them as well as their practical guidance for living a beautiful life.


I am Anusara-trained and have completed over 1100 hours of study in alignment, “Yoga as Medicine,” philosophy, and meditation.


The wisdom traditions I study and teach include Classical Yoga, Vedanta, Bhakti Yoga and non-dual Tantra (Kashmir Shaivism and Shaktism).


While I am not a Buddhist, my practice is informed by the wisdom and practices of Zen Buddhism (Thich Nhat Hanh), Tibetan Buddhism (Pema Chodron), Theraveda Buddhism (Jack Kornfield) and “Western Buddhism” (Tara Brach). It is also deeply informed by the authentic mystical heart of Christianity, the poetry of the Sufis, Taoism and Joseph Campbell.


My gratitude to my teachers and the lineages they represent is immense.


Meditation And The Wisdom of Yoga And Tantra
Sally Kempton
Bill Mahony
Paul Muller-Ortega
Chris Tompkins
Chris Wallis
Mark Dyczkowski
Carolos Pomeda


Yoga As A Healing Modality
Tari Prinster, Yoga4Cancer
Dr. Loren Fishman, “Yoga for Osteoporosis” and “Yoga for Back Pain”
Dr. Timothy McCall and Eliana Moreira, “Yoga As Medicine”
Ellen Saltonstall, Yoga for Healing


Original Anusara Yoga Teacher Training – 2007/2008
Rudrani Farbman Brown – Meditation and Philosophy
Jackie Prete – Anusara


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