Meditation And Mindfulness at Work

Meditation and Mindfulness in the Age of Volatility

Essentials for Corporate Professionals

In 2019, athletes, artists, CEOs and others are crediting meditation for their ability to perform at high levels. Benefits include increased mental clarity, improved ability to focus, access to deeper insights and reduced stress. In this experiential session we invite relaxation with a few simple yoga poses, explore easeful ways to enter meditation and learn ways to cultivate mindfulness throughout the day. The evenness of mind you gain from these practices will help you tackle whatever life presents with greater presence and ease.


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Meditation and Mindfulness in Your Workplace


Mindfulness and meditation classes, workshops and tool kits are customized for your group’s needs. They can be integrated into senior management off-sites and retreats, transition management programs and ongoing wellness plans.


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Alice provided me with an expert and caring orientation to meditation as well as the resources to establish and nourish my daily practice. I have found that everything clarifies and more deeply reveals itself in meditation.
– Dave, Retired Bank President

Loving Meditation

Cultivating a Daily Meditation Practice

Meditation is Yoga’s deepest, most transformative practice. Learn easeful ways to enter meditation. In each class we will:


  • Stretch, release tension and invite relaxation into the body with a few yoga poses you can do anywhere (no mats needed)


  • Dip into the sublime wisdom of the Yoga traditions


  • Cover the basics – posture, breath, and working with the mind


  • Soften and open into meditation with mantra and the breath


  • Explore different portals into meditation – the three main centers in the body


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