I am a lover of meditation. I believe in its power to heal us at a deep level and to make life sweet.


My teaching is informed by my deep immersion in the wisdom and practices of the Yoga traditions, especially Kashmir Shaivism. These sublime, profoundly life-affirming traditions offer diverse, easeful ways to enter meditation that are well-suited to the modern age.


While I am personally an unabashed lover of mystical traditions, I also love – and teach – secular meditation and mindfulness practices. These types of practices can offer a beautiful, direct encounter with your own awareness, and an intimacy with the present moment.


In both private and group classes we explore techniques for working with the mind, and strengthening the ability to both concentrate and expand awareness.


Self-inquiry practices enable us to explore the insights that surface when we commit to meditation.


One-to-one meditation instruction is available in person and via the phone and Skype.


Getting Started Series

  • Free 15-minute phone consultation
  • 3 hour-long sessions once a week, for 3 consecutive weeks
  • Recommended daily practices and background reading
  • Questions answered via email or phone


Information for Private Sessions

Fee upon request
24 hour cancellation
For more information or to schedule a session: Contact Alice

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?– Rumi

Musings on Meditation

I learned to meditate in a loft in Chelsea, with the young fencers of New York stampeding overhead. “The footsteps are like our thoughts; they come and go. Bring your attention back to the breath,” my Teacher* would say. The single most salient feature of......

My mind is too busy to meditate…. We’re wired to generate thoughts. We’re also wired to catch a current that takes us inside. One of the first things Yoga Teacher trainees learn, from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, is: Yoga stills the thought waves of the mind.......

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