“The World Is As You See It”

“The World Is As You See It”

On the morning of September 4, 2018, I meditated and then stopped at Pain Quotidien on West 72nd Street where I sipped a latte and spent a few minutes writing on a note pad. I love capturing the flow of insights after meditating when there’s such a clarity – an ease and flow – in thinking.

It was such a pretty day, I was drawn to Central Park, just a half a block away. I strolled through the park and then sat on a bench to check my iPhone for email and text messages.

A friend in NH, comparing NH and NY, had sent me a text describing NY as brazen.

At that moment the breeze felt soft on my skin. Mesmerizing rays of sunlight were shining through the tree tops. A musician in the distance was playing a poignant rendition of “Moon River” on a trumpet. I thought of Audrey Hepburn and the famous quote from The Yoga Vasistha:

The world is as you see it.