Alice One Leg Up



Kabir’s Lift the veil that obscures the heart and there you will find what you’re looking for is a metaphor for the practice of Yoga.


While reading Joseph Campbell, I was reminded that Yoga – and its core practice, meditation – are first and foremost pathways to bliss. In Campbell’s words, hell is our own “egoic obstructions.”


In Yoga we remove the veils and egoic obstructions that prevent us from being free, from knowing and being our truest Self. That Self is sat, being that is eternal, cit, pure consciousness and ananda, bliss.


For those who regard “bliss” as aspirational rather than real, note that one definition of bliss is “utter contentment” and that resting your mind where it finds contentment is a recommended practice.


In 2019, the practices of yoga and meditation are mainstream. It’s not uncommon for a student to tell me his/her doctor recommended coming to my class.


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