This Site


This is my first WordPress site; it feels to me like a living, breathing, pulsing thing. I hope it inspires and supports your practice.


Regarding the “Musings”… In Webster’s Online Dictionary, synonyms for musing include contemplation, consideration, meditation, reflection, reverie and more.


In many of these musings, I’m simply passing on wisdom that has informed my own understanding and practice.


The testimonials, found in the middle of the home page, say even more about the students providing the testimonials and the potency of the practices, than they do about me.


Please note that when referring to Yoga as a tradition (inclusive of its wisdom and many practices), I use an initial cap. When referring to the physical practice alone – yoga.


To complicate matters, “Yoga” often refers to Tantra which is is a sublime wisdom tradition. My blog, On Yoga and Tantra, emerged from a desire to clarify the essential difference between these two traditions.


I would like to acknowledge Joseph Campbell and my many teachers of Tantra – Sally Kempton, Bill Mahony, Paul Mueller Ortega, Chris Tompkins and Chris Wallis – whose teaching inspired the essay.


I hope the launch of version 1.0 of this site is the beginning of a conversation on Yoga, Tantra, meditation, mindfulness and other things. Please feel free to email me with any insights, questions or comments. I look forward to our conversation.


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