Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga and meditation are disciplines that deliver the deepest levels of healing and transformation when practiced daily. Private yoga sessions support your intention to cultivate a daily yoga practice.

In private yoga sessions, we design a daily practice to meet your specific needs. We take into consideration your objectives, physical condition and structure, temperament, daily habits, schedule and more.


Private yoga sessions are ideal for busy professionals, newcomers and those dealing with osteoporosis, back pain, cancer, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, depression and many other issues.

Options for Private Yoga Sessions

Unless otherwise specified, yoga sessions are one hour.


One Session to target a specific need or as an introduction to yoga and meditation.


Basics of Alignment Series – Four private yoga sessions in which we explore lower and upper body alignment principles in a sequential way.


Recurring Monthly Series – Four sessions, once a week, for as long as needed.


Half-hour Skype Sessions – Shorter Skype sessions work well when you need support for a specific therapeutic issue or to stay on track with strategies for healthy aging.

I love your yoga space! It has your warm, happy energy.
– Lila, Artist and Teacher



Every time you do something you increase the likelihood you’ll do it again.

Dr. Timothy McCall, Yoga As Medicine

Private Yoga Sessions to Support Your Daily Practice


  • A preliminary input session.


  • Written holistic assessment describing your specific needs and opportunities. Includes recommended daily practices.


  • Follow-up session to fine-tune and learn practices.


  • Private classes every week to keep you on track with your home practice.


Fee upon request
24 hour cancellation

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