Kabir’s Lift the veil that obscures the heart and there you will find what you’re looking for is a metaphor for the practice of Yoga.


While reading Joseph Campbell, I was reminded that Yoga – and its core practice, meditation – are first and foremost pathways to bliss. In Campbell’s words, hell is our own “egoic obstructions.”


In Yoga we remove the veils and egoic obstructions that prevent us from being free, from knowing and being our truest Self. That Self is sat, being that is eternal, cit, pure consciousness and ananda, bliss.



What I Teach


I teach meditation, mindfulness and the physical practice – restorative yoga and a gentle, flowing, active class.


In 2019, I am delighted to continue to bring the essentials of meditation, mindfulness and yoga in to the workplace. I am also delighted to continue teaching individuals in Private and Semi-Private classes.


Who I Teach


A diverse audience…





I love wisdom traditions – the common, non-dual mystical core at the heart of them as well as their practical guidance for living a beautiful life.


I am Anusara-trained and have completed over 1100 hours of study in alignment,  “Yoga as Medicine,” philosophy, and meditation.


What I Love


In my original teacher training I was voted “most likely to be found on a beach in Mexico with a stack of texts.”


I’m drawn to beauty, delight in creativity and cherish authenticity.



This Site


This is my first WordPress site; it feels to me like a living, breathing, pulsing thing. I hope it inspires and supports your practice.




A heartfelt thank you to:


  • Hassan Iqbal, Waleed Ahmed, Faisal Ramzan and the extended PressTigers team, for your excellent web development support
  • Jami Saunders, for capturing great, candid photos of me and the beauty of Central Park
  • Joshua Coates, for my logo and for recommending this WordPress template created by Bridge

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